About Us


Hello, I'm Michaela! Since I was a little girl, I was more than fascinated with the simple beauty of jewels and stones that make up the adornments I saw on my mom, grandmothers, and of course in fashion magazines. Because of that, I was gifted a jewelry set in elementary school where I began the journey to where I am now. I started with beading earrings, bracelets, even embellishing jackets with my mom. Then school, sports, and friends became a larger factor in life and my hobbies were put aside. One thing that never changed was my drive and passion to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

In 2020, I felt a new spark of desire to create. I started finally selling my beaded creations in early 2021 at pop-up markets in town and through connections was quickly introduced to a whole new world, silversmithing. I started silversmithing in August 2021 which sparked new interest and inspiration like I've never felt before. I was able to finally fabricate the designs that had been twirling around in my head for so long. Silversmithing has been such a gift, and I feel so lucky to continue to use my hands and my mind in cohesion, creating timeless adornments to be passed down generations.

I find inspiration out in nature, especially during my travels. Being eternally curious of various cultures, natural elements, and changes in the day-to-day bring inspiration in all forms of art. But still, even when I'm in the comfort of my own home I know I can close my eyes and be some place else and at home all at once, finding inspiration just beyond the present moment. This is where I find the most inspiration, and where the idea of Soulchemy Metals was created. 

My aim for Soulchemy Metals is to highlight the inherent beauty of raw elements, given to us by Mother Nature herself. The jewels I use are beautiful in their own right, I just grant the ability to wear the earth's beautiful creations. In return, I aim to only use sustainable practices such as using environmentally friendly packaging, conflict free jewels and stones, and recycled metals whenever possible.